NFS email remote folder

Hello. Let’s say I have a Hestia Server IP #1.
Let’s say I have another server IP #2 where I create a folder and link it to server IP#1 with NFS.
Let’s say that NFS folder is called /mail/remote-inboxes
Where can I modify in Hestia server IP #1 the default mail folders to be the NFS.
The process should be like changing the default mail server folder to another.
I’ve read in the forum that the deafult server is /home/user/mail or something similar.
I’d need help please from the community to achieve this.
Thank you

The goal of this idea is.
IP#1 server it’s in a VPS that has a Reverse DNS and it’s sending emails without no problems and mails are not going to spam, which is great. The problem is that HDD space is so expensive that I want to downsize that cost having the remote HDD in a local server. Both connections are so fast, so it should represent a problem.