Nginx 1.25.1+ Listen ... http2" directive is deprecated

Just updated a server which upgraded nginx to 1.25.1

Warnings received on restart.

nginx: [warn] the "listen ... http2" directive is deprecated, use the "http2" directive instead

This will not break anything immediately, but just as a heads-up the old format is

server {
    listen ssl http2;

and the new format for nginx >= 1.25.1 is

server {
    listen ssl;
    http2  on;
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Noticed yesterday as well probally modify all the default templates and check for nginx version during config generation…


Hi @eris
So we should wait a futur Hestia update to fix the warn?


Will get attention in the future… It currently should not affect any working setup. It is only anoying.

Will patch it in the future…

Updated title / pinned it because it has been asked to many times :slight_smile:


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