Nginx_Apache Timeout Need Help

Hello I’m using hestia for my development server my problem is that I’m working on woocommerce Migration and it’s always terminate i need to change the server timeout for nginx_apache where can I change this

I already change the PHP Execution time
Based on this document if I’m using Apache I need to change this
Troubleshooting Terminated Imports - WP All Import

FCGID Timeouts (Apache): This is set in httpd.conf with FcgidIOTimeout .It determines how long mod_fcgid will wait while trying to perform a read or write. It should be set as high as your host will allow. In our experience 90 seconds is sufficient.

What is the equivalent to Hestiacp ?

30 or 60 seconds so you might need to increase it.

Hi, Eris thank you for always helping, where can I change it, should I go to apache Nginx on the setting?

and /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Thank you so much

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