Nginx autoindex with Hestia

Has anyone been able to get this to work with Hestia. (Debian 9, Hestia 1.06, Nginx + Apache)

Been struggling. Should be super easy? I keep getting 404 page not found. There is no index.html in my folder so it should just create an autoindex page.

The syntax is straightforward.

location /foldername {
autoindex on;

I have my permissions on the folders (and subfolders) set to 755. I have done the service nginx restart, and reset my browser cache.

So far it’s been a no go.

Thanks in advance if anyone can point me in the right direction.

I found the solution here.,3810

Near the end of the post user barszcz had the response that helped me.

In order for the autoindex to function the niginx configuration needs to have the root location in the server block. As originally setup, It’s currently tucked into the first location / statement only.

I added another root location reference as suggested near the top of the server block and it works now.

Maybe something that the dev’s might want to look at.


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