Nginx cache purge wordpress plugin

I follow the plugin’s instructions and I get this error:

In /etc/nginx/nginx.conf I find the cache path to be: /var/cache/nginx

But I think there must be a local part for the web cache. I suppose there will be permissions issues.

I also tried: /home/myuser/.cache

Any ideas?

For fastcgi there is currently no cache set.

For proxy cache the current path is /var/cache/nginx/ how ever this due a bug in the template

This pull requests should fix the issues how ever the path is then /var/cache/nginx/ for proxy and
/var/cache/nginx/fastcgi/ for fastcgi

But you will still run with the permission issue as php runs as the user and nginx as www-data

Thank you very much @eris.

I don’t know how to apply the fix.

I tried this though:
Plugin: /var/cache/nginx/
cd /var/cache/nginx/
chown www-data:user -R

No results :frowning:

If you are using “proxy” cache (Apache2 + Nginx) replace in the caching.(s)tpl

In the .tpl it the same key value but a few lines higher…

I don’t know if we can set the default permissions via nginx, So we change it to 660 instead of 600 and give it permission so we can remove it.

Currently I just use a limited cache length of 5 minutes this will save the biggest buttload traffic is then handled by that.

And second option would be integrating into Nginx how ever this would require an custom template and custom Nginx.


I really hope this feature comes in future versions.

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We will not build a custom nginx version for hestia, so this feature will probaly never arrive :frowning:.

Maybe if you dropped debian?

Also for debian it would be 2 or 3 versions, so it does not matter. We will NOT ship a custom nginx version, it is just to much work for build and testing - this has been discussed again a few weeks ago within the team.

I understand the message. I was only saying that if you stopped supporting Debian you might have more time (and I use Debian myself) with the hope that in time you will start considering the idea. It is my long term strategy… Just drop the idea and then wait until you completely change your minds and devote your lives to develop for free.

The mind in that case will not be changed, because providing a own custom nginx version will cost multiple thousand us dollars monthly, calclulated in needed time for compilation, support and testing. The only way would be to have someone who takes over the expenses (3000-4000 usd monthly) - until then and also for the future, this is a clear “no”. Also dropping debian isnt an option.


Finally i read something that has a sense. Amazing “non-sense” discussions here lately. :wink:


That last thing all ready happened…

This issue is not the creating part but the “period” after keep it maintained and regularly updated and tested.