Nginx config location

Look for the Nginx config file from the Hestiacp file manager and I couldn’t find it, I need to add some lines of code to it, will you tell me its location? Thanks!


Please note that the nginx.conf if overwritten on hestia-nginx update

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After all, for the Wp Hide plugin code to work I had to edit the file related to my domain in /etc/nginx/conf.d/domains, thanks for your help and for making Hestia so great!

Did you read the warning/header of that config file you edited?

these config files there are automatically generated, so with any future update or even if you need to change something in the web domain settings, your changes will be overwritten and your page probably broken.


And is there a way that the changes are not lost? Or maybe disable Hestia automatic updates?

Thank you!

Yes, please check the docs or search function. It has already answered many times.

Disabling automatic update will also lose any security patches and future updates. Usually this is a bad idea…

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