Nginx document root and Symlinks

I just set up atomic deploys inside my /home/user/web/{releases, shared,current} folder.

Unfortunately, when I set a custom document root in Hestia CP like ‘/home/user/web/’ Hestia seems to resolve it to its real path. So the nginx conf for that domain reads root /home/user/web/
How can I trick Hestia into accepting the symlink, namely current instead of releases/DATE?

(Especially when there’s a DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE note at the very beginning… ) :expressionless:

v-rebuild-web-domain user domain on update does it work?

Not sure with store the result in the web.conf or not

Easiest method is create a new templates that set the url to

And %docroot% for non html :slight_smile:

I appreciate the instant feedback. The v-rebuild-web-domain command didn’t do much, but maybe I did not have the correct settings in the admin panel for that?!

The custom template with a %sdocroot%/current/public did the trick. I removed the custom docroot in the admin cp and switched to my custom template and bo0oM.


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