Nginx error while installing hestia via google vm

hi all,

I am trying to install hestia on google vm but keep getting and error
(2: No such file or directory) in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:129.
please help.

Hi @aces1262,

Well, you didn’t show the complete lines of status output. Use this command to show them:

systemctl --no-pager -l status nginx.service

Did you check line 129 of file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:

sed -n '129p' /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

Show the output of this command:

ls -la /etc/nginx/conf.d

Now a couple of questions:

Are you trying to re-install Hestia? Because it seems so.

When you tried to install Hestia the first time, did you already have installed Nginx, Exim, or any other main services?

Also, your system hostname doesn’t have a DNS record pointing to your server’s ip (at least not from outside your network).

Maybe you should start from scratch with a minimal and fresh OS (Ubuntu LTS 22.04 or Debian 12).

hi Sahsanu

here are the images in order of commands you suggested

in regards to questions

  • yes I reinstalled hestia
  • no when I installed hestia first time I didnt have any main services
  • i will double check the dns record



/etc/nginx/conf/domains/ doesn’t exsists …

I just deleted the old instance and started over. this time everything loaded successfully. however when I open a browser and type it does not load

Have no issues here…

thank you. I see it now, maybe I didnt wait long enough