Nginx helper plugin is compatible with Hestia Fastcgi?

Simple question not to waste your time, does Nginx Helper work just by installing and configuring it or not?

If the answer is no, is there a way to make it work? Thanks

You mean the WordPress plugin?

“Nginx Helper – Plugin WordPress | España” Nginx Helper – Plugin WordPress | España

I have no idea but it should work out of the box with the cache template.

Edit: eris mentioned later that it is not supported


Thanks Titan @jlguerrero, you deserve success for the support you provide in this forum.

By default HestiaCP doesn’t support purging cache via niginx headers as it means a special module needs to be loaded…

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A shame to read that but thanks for clarifying it great @eris!

It is Nginx decisions to not support it in there free version. Currently we are not in the position to build a custom nginx version (Money wise and time wise) that support it…

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