Nginx is stopped in server settings, but running

Hello, after updating to version v1.8.8, on my panel Nginx appears as stopped, but via ssh the service is running.

  • Hestia Control Panel v1.8.8
  • Operating SystemDebian 10.13 (x86_64)


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Hello @Rodolfo,

Could you please show the output of this command?

pidof -d '|' nginx

Well, seems Debian buster doesn’t support option -d for pidof
pidof(8) — sysvinit-utils — Debian buster — Debian Manpages

I’ll take a look into it.

Edit: I’ve created a PR so it will work again in Debian Buster

If you want to fix the issue, now:

Create a backup of /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-list-sys-services and once done, edit the file:

In line 90 change this:
pids=$(pidof -d '|' $name)

by this:
pids=$(pidof $name | tr ' ' '|')

In line 92 change this:
pids=$(pidof -d '|' -x $name)

by this:
pids=$(pidof -x $name | tr ' ' '|')

And check again nginx service in Web UI.

@sahsanu It worked perfectly, thank you very much!

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