Nginx Only vs.Nginx as Reverse Proxy

Not sure what to go with for a multi-Wordpress environment. Do you always recommend NGINX as reverse proxy?

I want to run Hestia on DO’s $5 Droplet – 1CPU, 1GB memory, 25GB Disk Space.

Currently I’m running Vesta as NGINX only, but I’m switching to Hestia since Vesta kind of stalled on development. Vesta has been handling 10 Wordpress installations on my low end Droplet fine so far, no complaints there.

My second question is, is there a good documentation I can follow to do a clean Hestia installation on Digital Ocean Droplet?

Gotta give applause to Hestia devs. The installation was so simple, I flipped over on my chair and spilled coffee.

Now, I’m setting up my first WP site, will see how the next steps go.