Nginx + PHP-FPM create Nginx config files for wordpress and plugins

Hello everyone, I have installed Nginx + PHP-FPM, and I want to understand how to add or create nginx configs so that everything is as it should be in wordpress. iThemes Security the security plugin creates its own file in the site directory, I don’t understand whether it is involved or not, just as the wp-cloudflare-super-page-cache plugin creates the Nginx config in its folder(but it should also be transferred to some Nginx config that is responsible for the entire site(server). It says here that you can create settings for a specific domain, but nothing is said about Nginx. Please be so kind to anyone who knows, and write something step-by-step, what and how to do it, so that you can easily make changes to various plugins, to created or existing Nginx files(or some other ones), so that it is clear and simple. Thanks

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