Nginx server names optimizations (remove

When you have 700 sites on a server as i have, resource optimization is very important.
By default Hestia creates a server name for every mail domain that you create in the panel: , and this is apart from the web domain.

I sugest to allow user to enable or disable this feature. I prefer much more instead of an independent server name. A lot of server names will fill CPU cache more quickly and thats not good.

Take a look at this link if you need more info about server names and server resources:

What do you think?

You can customize the DNS template.

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That possibility has been asked in the past. If it is not in hestia and has to do with email, it won’t get developed unless you do it yourself or hire a programmer.

The development team does not use email and this things are headaches for them.

  1. You can disable via /edit/server/

  1. is an requirement if you want to have ssl enabled for the mail domain otherwise you are not able to get an ssl certificate or all users have to use instead…

  2. Currently “webmail” disabled disabled the creation of certificates it will be fixed in 1.4.4 that will be released soon… Don’t know if it is worth to allow the creation of a mail domain without the web domains.

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Maybe it’s not a solution for you but I separate Email + DNS servers from the Web Servers.

You have to give your clients access to 2 different panels like:


That way you will have optimized email and web.