nginX Single Domain Configure

Hello, please help me, i want edit nginx default for my custom php script & WHMCS but i can’t found single domain configure like on vestacp

nano /home/user/conf/web/website1.nginx.conf
nano /home/user/conf/web/website1.nginx.ssl.conf

nano /home/user/conf/web/website2.nginx.conf
nano /home/user/conf/web/website2.nginx.ssl.conf

please help me


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you can find the templates in /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/nginx

Instead of editing the default template, you can copy the default templates and create 2 new files in the same folder. For example

whmcs.tpl and whmcs.stpl (they are both needed, one is for http and one is for https)


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You should never update any generated config files these will get overwritten during update / upgrade of Hestia

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Thank you soo much to all