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hello, please help, tell me, I have a site on wordpress, it used to work under apache and now only on nginx, tell me, I want to use the rules, I used to write them in .htaccess, tell me how can I do it now for a site on hestiacp

You can’t use Nginx with .htaccess

Of course, I know this, can you advise through what to convert and where it is better to insert the code, I suspect that I need to copy the WordPress template settings file and write the rules there?

Yes that is what you need to do…

Probably not very helpful, but that’s why I use the “apache with nginx as a proxy” setup, and its what drew me to vesta/hestia in the first place. Its a compromise where you get the speed of nginx for static files, but the configurability of apache’s htaccess.
On a related note, a surprising number of sites rely on you having an .htaccess file for security, and other functions, so unless you’re happy hacking around with nginx configs, then it makes sense to keep apache in the stack.


That is exactly why I have apache2. Less trouble.

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