Nginx worker process 100% on a 2 VCPU arm64 installation

Hi guys,

Im experimenting with a 2 vcpu arm64 at Hetzner. The VPS has 4GB ram and 40GB disk and Ubuntu 22 is pre-installed.

I installed Hestia using the .sh file and the pre generated command on Install | Hestia Control Panel. The installation went fine.

After the installation i noticed the server was a bit slow and i find out that both cpu’s are working on 100%. A “htop” gave the info that two “nginx: worker process” were running at ~100%.

I tried to modify the nginx config via Hesta:

  • worker_processes from auto to “1”: only 1 nginx: worker process and 1 cpu at 100%
  • worker_connections to 1024 or 512; no difference
  • client_max_body_size to 512m or 128m no difference

When i stop the nginx process the system is acting on a normal load. I dont know what to expect when i host a website on my system if nginx is down and apache is up.

FYI: i also have another VPS which is not arm64 and there Hestia is working fine.

Any help would be appreciated.