No automatic SSL redirection without proxy support NGINX


I have a website that only works correctly when I disable Proxy Support NGINX. The background is not loading correctly I don’t know why. Without Proxy Support NGINX it loads correctly.

But “Enable automatic HTTP-to-HTTPS redirection” does not work without Proxy Support NGINX. Can you please check this? Also it looks like another SSL certificate is taken from a different domain.

Please add more informations, which background doesnt appear?

We do not recommend to disable nginx support, we will grey out the checkbox in a future release. As you properly recognized, http-to-https redirect will not work without nginx, the same for let’s encrypt.

If you don’t have let’s encrypt or a ssl cert active on another domain, it loads the cert from another domain - just don’t remember what was the logic behind it. Probaly @kristankenney has a bit more informations about it.

It could be because nginx cannot read the .htaccess file. Can you add a “Rewrite Rules” field in the panel that allows this?

currently, this is not planed. You can either use hestia combined with apache2 or a custom nginx/fpm template including your rewrites.


i just tested it again and the redirection to https works without proxy support NGINX. It was the Cloudfare cache, sorry for the misinformation. Also Letsencrypt works fine.

But I’m sad that the checkbox will be greyed out in a future version. Couldn’t you please not gray it out and instead just add a hint that it is not recommended to disable it? I depend on Apache.

Unfortunately I don’t know where to put the custom nginx/fpm template. Probably the entry of htaccess would have to be adjusted as well.


I have to ask again. Will it not be possible to disable nginx support in the future When is it planned, why can’t it just stay in? Free choice I find better.

We currently discuss the situation, currently nothing is written in stone yet. Currently, we probaly leave it like it is.

Okay, thanks. If something should change in this regard please let us know here:).