No data in email folder

Por alguna razón filegator no muestra el contenido de la carpeta ‘mail’ ?

For some reason filegator does not show the contents of the ‘mail’ folder?

It doesn’t have the permissions to read them…

Eso lo entiendo, pero, un usuario básico realmente deberia tener acceso a su carpeta mail?

Por defecto Hestiacp no otorga permisos?

I understand that, but should a basic user really have access to your email folder?

By default HestiaCP does not grant permissions?

No they should have not … Because it is all un readable anyways

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Tienes razón.

La pregunta nace del hecho que un usuario quiera hacer un traslado de sus email. en este caso si o si debe contactar a su administrador (Yo :-))

You’re right.

The question arises from the fact that a user wants to transfer their emails. In this case yes or yes you should contact your administrator (Me :-))

  1. The can create a backup and they are able to download them …
  2. If its only email Mailbox Imapsync Online
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Exporting in .zip is what I always do and then grant corresponding “user:mail” permissions.

As an administrator I have no problem, I only have doubts about the permissions for the mail directory, since other panels do allow it.

Long live Hestia forever :slight_smile:

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