No matter where I go

I’m always returning to use HestiaCP. I’ve tested aaPanel, Keyhelp, Webmin and naah. HestiaCP does the job!

Currently I’ve did fresh install on my primary server in Vienna :austria: and transfered my sites, and also I’m using small server in Munich :de: for cluster-dns. Things are working perfectly.

Thanks guys!


Its awesome panel for sure. I use it in production with no problem, and from my perspective it is easier to maintain than some other paid options. Sure, those panes have more features but its just for show and those extra features know to cause more problems than they solve.

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thanks for the positive feedback guys! obviously something everyone likes to hear :smiley:

still want to point out, that it is important to us, that everyone picks only the tool that is right for their intended use case!
other tools might be better suited for beginners for instance, who are looking for more click’n’go solutions rather than being able to still customize there system more freely.

in the end it always comes down to personal preferences and we are happy to see that there is a growing user base that seem to like how Hestia develops, even though this might not always be the same as what others offer or prefer :wink:


Yes, HestiaCP rocks!

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