No notifications from cron jobs

Hello :slight_smile:
i use Hestiacp for few weeks (earler it was vestacp and myvestacp :wink: ) and i have small problem with cron job (everyday backup) noticitations, i dont get them to mail and in notifications panel there is no info to. Backup is made at 4:30 and it is ok but no info about it. When i make backup manualy i have got notification.

how can i diagnose this problem?

This isnt a problem: Backups over cronjob will only generate a notification, when they fail. When you manualy set a backup, it sets a backup notification which will be sent when the backup is done.

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ohhhh i seeโ€ฆ :smiley: but in cron tab menu is โ€œNotificationโ€ option and it is on by default i thought that it is like in vesta and myvesta that i will get every day confirmation :wink: thank you