No option appearing for changing PHP version

I’m not able to change PHP Version, there is no any option in advance options related to changing PHP Version.

Please help me Thanks!.

Click on gear then Configure >>>> web server and make sure the required php versions available.

then change it for user

It should be still possible to update the template

cat /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf

This is what is in the web server dropdown.

did you installed multiple php when using install command of Hestia ?

you login as admin ? or as user or login with user directly ?

login admin then at main panel do steps mentioned above

How old is your installation? What’s the current hestia version? Do you probaly have an old mod_php system?

Yes, I log in as admin, after clicking on gear icon this is the screenshot

Operating System: Debian 10.12 (x86_64)
Hestia Control Panel:v1.6.2
after click on Configure Server

php versions

@ScIT did you see that before ?!

I think he didn’t enable multiple php when install but this looks strange as (( how DB section appear in this screenshot! ))

@ajmal please share your used installation command

There are no php-fpm procceses showing

Should convert it


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