No tengo acceso a webmail

I just installed Hestia, after some errors produced by a Debian update
and when entering gives the following error:

Unable to connect to the database!
Please contact your server-administrator.

Can you help me, please

Were you asked to replace the roundcube config files during upgrade? How did you installed hestia? Did you do a apt update && apt dist-upgrade before install it?

Hestia itself upgrades your system packages (apt upgrade), so there should be nothing to upgrade after install, expect kernel images.

I did rebuild the server, being clean, I did apt update & apt upgrade, later I installed Hestia as I had before with nginx without apache, I created the users that I had before and when I put, that error appears

I’m sorry but we can’t do the debug work for you. Please check your logs, infact it’s a database connection error, check if your mariadb server is up and running, then further check the credentials in your rouncube log, if you can login to the database. Just a few ideas here.

First of all I want to apologize for my ignorance, and if I have bothered you, my lack of experience does not let me see the obvious, in addition to not understanding English, I have to use Google Translate to communicate.

The downside was that MariaDB was not working.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Hy @ClaudioSpcSpa
You’re welcome!
Human beings are not born with knowledge!
The human being learns his wisdom, even if gradually!
But right now, the problem was solved !?
Now, whether if it was resolved or not, leave here your operating system descriptionthat you are using…
It’s important for everyone

Thank you very much again, and I am happy to belong to this forum and to have installed Hestia.

It’s hard to find a group that really helps you, without getting angry when you don’t understand or make mistakes.

leave here your operating system descriptionthat you are using…
I use Debian 10 on 4GB lino: 2CPU, 80GB Storage, 4GB RAM