No way to create ftp for Domаіn

In the domain settings there is no way to create ftp for the domain in Advanced Options
Read this topic.
I have this line.
I also found this discussion.
Made a fix in on line 180
Tried these options. Did not help.
There is still no option to create ftp for the domain.

Hello @Jeronima

Please show the installation command you used to install Hestia also your OS and any error appear ?

Ubuntu 18.
I can’t show the installation command, since the panel is already installed. There were no mistakes. Panel Version 1.6.2
Could it be that I didn’t check the ftp checkbox and then now I won’t be able to use it?

yes , that’s why I asked you
so please check if it’s installed or not

If you didn’t select ftp during install you can’t currently create additional ftp accounts

And after installing the panel, you can add this functionality?
Or do I need to completely reinstall the panel?