NodeJS in Hestia


i have installed this GitHub - JLFdzDev/hestiacp-nodejs: HestiaCP-NodeJS | This plugin allow install multiple nodejs apps using HestiaCP

But i get an error:
enoent Could not read package.json: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory

package.json is in same folder. When i run pm2 start app.js in that directory, the app starts and its accessible in browser. But the autostart doesnt work because of not found package.json.

and i dont understand this from github " Start Script: It creates a ecosystem.config.js file in root of nodeapp with the script that you fill (it should be the one you have in your package.json) for PM2 can manage the app"

Hi welcome on the Hestia forums!

I don’t know if the maintainer of the plugin is active on this forum so perhaps it can be handy to also create an issue on the github page.

Did you follow the How to use in the readme?

Yes, i followed it, thats why i dont understand this Startscript sentence.

The developer didnt answer to issues for weeks. He is like dead.

Try using this pack → GitHub - cristiancosano/hestiacp-nodejs: Run automatically Node.JS apps in HestiaCP.

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i used this now:

much easier with templates