Not Able to Login to my Hestia cPanel

So I’m trying to login into my account with the right password but it keeps bouncing back to login page with no error message and right website is down saying 'Error establishing a Redis Connection ’

Please what can I do to login and fix this error?

Redis server is offline

systemctl start redis

For the other issue check your logs

Should this be done on the root server?

And for these logs…how do I check that?

You need to login as root on the server to restart redis service

/var/log/hestia/nginx-error.log and nignx-access.log

Okay…trying that out now

It stays here since… No progress or response

What is the response from this command:

systemctl status redis


redis-cli ping

redis should response with word “Pong”

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When commanded ping it gave me error message instead of Pong

and the systemctl status redis?

I have not run that yet as my system is our of light

Provide us with the results when you are able to do this!


Thank you

Here is the result of this status command.

So I’m trying to run this but it’s all saying Permission Denied…

What does that mean?

Just for the records.

I’ve been talking to @Phaxsam and the issues are fixed now. Both issues, unable to login to Hestia and error in Redis Connection were caused by a full disk. Once some big backups have been removed, all started to work again.


Yes @sahsanu , Thank you so much!!

You’ve been a life saver.


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