Not able to receive mail from Gmail

Hi Team,

Firstly I would like to congratulate Hestia for giving us a so easy and effective and reliable tool.

But I am facing error while receiving mails from Gmail. However, it is working fine for other mail servers (like rediffmail).

I started new topic with reference to Can't Receive Gmail Emails but Others - #6 by dpushkar24

Any help will really be apricated.

Thanks and Regards,
Pushkar Deshpande.

Send an email from gmail and check the headers / logs

Following is the header file;

Using SMTP server?

I am using Oracle cloud Ampere instance for hosting and mail domain as well. However I am aware that Oracle is blocking SMTP port 25 by default.
Hence, I am using sendinblue for sending mails (outbound) from my server to any 3rd party mail server (including Gmail) which is working fine.

You can’t send email from sevice x to Hestia and foward it to service Y.

It is blocked by the smtp relay providers

Also I would like to add here that I am using cloudflare for my DNS record maintenance and SSL certificate purpose and I have purely kept my here as DNS only. Still I would like to share my records here and try to get your review.

So you want me to check with Sendinblue once and check their opinion on this?

Haven’t tried it with sendinblue but other smtp provider but they all block as the sender is “” and not the original

Other mail server software probally solved the issue… But I am not working full time with Exim so it complicated.

Please tell me that I don’t know it…

Also don’t post screenshots but just post the text in code blocks makes it easier to read.

Unless you were experiencing problems with webmail when it is proxied, there is no reason to set it to DNS Only. The PTR records you entered are doing nothing but occupying space in your zone file. PTR records are only useful in reverse zones, and you can only create those with an Enterprise subscription to Cloudflare.

If your goal is to use a Gmail account to receive domain mail, rather than forwarding, it works best to pull from the Gmail side.

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It doesn’t matter as the ip is all ready known due to use for email…

But the PRT record are useless. :+1: It should be only used if you are the owner of the ip space and not for the domain…

But it doesn’t matter what he want’s doesn’t work due to the bug I allready explained.

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