Not enough disk space for backup

Hi there,

Some months ago, I started receiving emails saying not enough diskspace available to perform the backup..
I cannot resize the root partition of this machine, so I ordered additional space, removed the /backup folder and mount --binded the new space to the /backup location. But after some time, I receive the error emails again. It seems Vesta doesn’t take the free space of the new backup location into account. I patched the v-backup-user script to not use double the amount of the backup for testing whether the backup would fit, but this is of course not a good solution, as it will vanish with every update.

But what would be a good solution?

chattr +i filename
To prevent it from getting overwritten.

I am aware of this “solution”, but wouldn’t I risk staying on e.g. a vulnerable version of the file or with an incompatible version to the rest of the v-* scripts?
I think part of a good solution would be to not have to patch a core file anyway.

And sed in the changes

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