Not enough diskspace

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I’m getting this error when I run this command though CLI: “Error: not enough diskspace available to perform the backup.”

I think free space at this moment should be enough to do at least one backup. This is the actual scenario (df command):

Main host:

  • /dev/sda1 Size:75G Used:52G Avail:21G 73% /
    Extra disk (where backup are pointed):
  • /dev/sdb 49G 53M 47G 1% /backup

Backup run well if I exclude only email
File compressed size: 6.3GB

In URL /list/mail/ I have 2 domain, the sum of them are 34.5GB

What should be the disk size I should have to run at least one backup? I don’t know how system calculate this job


Please use the search function, it has been discussed a few times. You need to have the double of your user size free, because data gets copied once, then zipped. You can split your two domains in different users.

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