Not Receiving Emails

I’m able to send emails from roundcube but not receiving any emails i send to my email address. I have tried all gmails, outlook, yahoo, all include same issue:

screenshot: Album — Postimages

The messages you shared in the screenshots indicate that your server is refusing the messages based on your Spamhaus DNSbl rules which appear to be incorrectly configured.

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I have installed hestiacp on fresh deb 12 os.
so how to fix this issue?

Read the post that I linked and do what it says.

Hello Admon sir,
After seeing your posted screenshot I think you face the same problem what I also faced in past.
If you see my this post/query I think it solve your problem about not receiveing incoming mail too.

Also the Hestia team given the solution in there documentation too you can check that out if you want.

I hope this link and post will help you.


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