Not receiving System Mail

I just finished installing a Hestia CP on a Debian VPS (originally v11 updated to v12). Everything works flawlessly except emails. I’m not able to receive any system email.

I also tried to mess with global SMTP relay but with no luck. All emails are frozen in exim queue.

The default phpmailer seems compleatly dead

as for exim, I believe the problem is that I am using a subdemain for my Hestia CP, something like this and I believe exim tries to send emails from [email protected] and gives me this error “Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified address”.

Can you please help me? Never had this problem with my previews installation (but I was stuck on Hestia 1.5.5 not updating anymore and had to reinstall everything)

Hi @Armisael,

You can add a mail domain for your hostname and add an account postmaster with root and noreply as alias an you shouldn’t have issues.

You can also use this script /usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/manual/ to configure how Hestia sends notifications.

Email and mail server | Hestia Control Panel

Unfortunately I can’t. It says that is not safe for the main user and if I go on it simply tells me that is used by another user.

I will try the second method but shouldnt work with phpmailer without any extra config?

There is no need to use the user admin to add the mail domain, just use the user that already has

You could try to configure the Sender Email Address in White Label Options (Server settings -> Configure -> White Label -> General):

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Thanks, I managed to solve the problem doing a manual config