[Not related to HestiaCP] DNS Propagation

Dear Mates,

I know this is not related to HestiaCP but as there are so many developers and Experienced users, I love to ask about a query.

Query is: Can I use two DNS resolving services at a single domain like : Hurricane Electric as well as CloudFlare at the same time ?

If Yes, then how …

Yes, you can do it, just set two nameservers of Cloudflare and two nameservers of Hurricane Electric.

and DNS records should be same or differ ?

They can be different if you have backup servers, etc.

What are the drawbacks of doing this?

Keeping both data sync is a problem. Mainly if you are using a user generated based content site…

Can I set priority to primary and secondary DNS provider, in case if Primary DNS provider fails to resolve then it move to Secondary DNS provider …

If it is possible then How ? no Early, I’ve time just curious to do this experiment.
I had already tried this with CloudFlare and ArvanCloud… worked fine for couple of hours but then I then I got DNS (NXDOMAIN) Error.

Thats why I’m curios to know If anyone do this experiment before.

Edit: Why ArvanCloud and CloudFlare because CF has only one POP in India and ArvanCloud have more POPs in India.

Only one of the nameservers will be used at a time out of the all configured ones, if your DNS records doesn’t exist one the selected nameserver then you’ll get errors. The whole nameservers are redundant and act as a backup for each other but the DNS records are not redundant themselves.