Not secure (SSL) in Hestia Login page

I’ve added let’s encrypt (v-add-letsencrypt-host) on main host domait but still connection is not secure, and also via IP (, but when I click on the certificate in the browser it says that there is a certificate.

through all the user domains that are registered on my panel also connection is not secure

how can I set lock on every login page? and main page also

Not supported only hostname should work with a valid ssl currently

this mean I need to buy ssl?

No it means that SSL won’t work if you try to visit your HestiaCP install through its IP address. If you use the hostname instead, SSL will work.

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as I say it doesn’t work with hostname as well

hostname will work, just trigger v-add-letsencrypt-host and it will generate a valid cert.

for example if my domain is “” but hostname is “

on “” it’s works but on “” it doesn’t

yes, thats how ssl works, hestia runs on a different port and service.

and another user in my hestia also can’t open login page with his secured

thats not how ssl works, hestia works under hostname.domain.tld, but not every other domain.