Number of backups | Web "default" package

After some others had already asked in the forum …

It would be nice if the number of backups in the WEB “default” package could be adjusted from 1 to number x.

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Create a copy of default package

And change the number to something number…

When I set up a new server I run a script that creates a hosting plan with different options.

Maybe you want to share that script :slight_smile:

It would be enough to know whether the value “1” is in a file or in a database, and if so, where?

Alternatively, I first implemented Eric’s suggestion.

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The idea is that there is always a working fallback if somebody deleting a package that there is a always one to fail back on. And it should always be working

There is nothing to prevent the “default” package from being processed. Only the number should be higher than 1.

I basically run the system with 14 backups.
Everyone has different opinions and requirements.

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