Observations/question from a brand new user

I have never really used a website control panel, but have installed many applications on Debian, so i am not completely clueless…just somewhat. Please note this is a awesome product so far, just a tiny bit lacking in information…to be expected. I installed it yesterday but running into a few roadblocks and have questions.

  1. When a user is setup, is the ssh access simply for their domain…i would hope, but just making sure.
  2. When setting up mail at the beginning of the setup, there was a section for security so i put TLS, i guessed as i did not find any reference to it, is that correct?

I must admit, i thought that this was a full blown email server, with admin access etc and unless i am mistaken it is really a straightforward email client.?

I have set up the initial account using a kerio email server with smtp relay but i would like to user roundcube, would you recommend a separate installation of roundcube and use the smtp relay instead?

By default, users have assigned nologin so they can’t login using SSH (but they can use SFTP). This can be changed per user or per package, just assign a shell like bash, sh, etc. to SSH Access option and the user will be able to login using SSH.

From user settings:

From package settings:

Note: if the ssh server doesn’t allow connections using passwords, you should create public/private keys and add the public key to the user so the user can login using the private key.

Are you talking about this?

        Use SMTP: 
        SMTP Host:
        SMTP Port:
        SMTP Security:
        SMTP Username:
        SMTP Password:
        Email Address:
        Are these values correct? (y/N)

I don’t understand what you mean, Hestia installs a complete mail server (Exim) and a imap/pop3 server (Dovecot) so I don’t understand this… it is really a straightforward email client

But will Hestia receive the mails for your domains? If that is the case, roundcube should be already installed and ready to be used for your domains.

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Thanks for replying…

  1. what is the setting for ssh if we were to allow it
  2. SMTP Security i guess… should we use TLS? That is what i was querying about.
  3. I have not installed other email servers, but on Kerio there is a separate admin section…for the main and admin and domains…so i do not see how to do this on here…i am not complaining just observing.

However, i am not able to send welcome emails, which i kind of important. I looked in the logs, and there is nothing there so i have no idea how to troubleshoot this issue.


In /etc/ssh/sshd_config the directive is PasswordAuthentication yes to allow users to connect via ssh using the password.

You can also check what is the current value with this command:

sshd -T | grep -i passwordauthentication

But that is to configure how you want Hestia send you the notifications, in this case using an external smtp account… you are not configuring the mail server there.

Said that, you can use tls if you want to connect to your external account using STARTTLS (usually with port 587) and ssl if you want to connect using implicit TLS (usually port 465).

Logged in Hestia with your user:

When you add a web domain to that user you will see an option to also add mail support.


Or if you didn’t add it when creating the web domain, go to mail section and add it.

So, once added the mail domain, you can edit the domain and configure it to fit your needs (use DKIM, enable certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt, the webmail to use, if you want to use an external smtp relay for this domain, etc.), also you can create the mail accounts…


If you configured the smtp server to send notifications, double check that you used the right data to use the external account to send mails. If you want to change the data used, you can launch again the script to configure it:

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I have tried this many times, and i am really stuck…I dont know where to look at the logs and there does not appear to be any further instructions for troubleshooting.
Use SMTP: true
SMTP Host: mail.kooltel.com
SMTP Port: 587
SMTP Security: TLS
SMTP Username: webhost
SMTP Password: xxxxxxxxx
Email Address: [email protected]
Are these values correct? (y/N)

I tried to use port 465, no difference. The strange thing is that i got an email from [email protected]…without an issue, but now after setting this up, it does not work.

Moreover, is there someway to set the information that is being sent with these emails.

Thanks for all your help.

Regarding roundcube, and most mail servers, there is a very large admin panel, which include every thing from packages or add-ons to many different admin settings for each of the domains. I am used to that, and kind of need it to manage the email customers that are using my service now.

As far as I know (I could be wrong), when using phpmailer to send the notifications, it doesn’t write details in any log.

Are you sure your username is webhost instead of [email protected] ?

Just in case, show the output of this command:

v-list-sys-config json | grep SERVER_SMTP | sed -E -e 's/^\s{1,}//' -e 's/",?//g' | grep -v PASSWD

Remember that if you use port 465, security must be set to ssl instead of tls

Well, if that smtp conf is not working is not strange that you don’t receive the notifications :wink: If you want to receive again notifications from [email protected] the disable the use of smtp server.

v-change-sys-config-value USE_SERVER_SMTP false

That info is hardcoded into locale files so you can’t change it.

In Hestia the users control their domains so there isn’t a large admin panel to control all of them, you must access to the user (as the user or of course, as the admin) and then add/remove/modify mail domains, mail accounts, etc.

If you are used to that kind of panel and you must use that, then maybe Hestia is not the right panel for you. But keep in mind that you will still be able to manage the email for your customers, etc. but maybe not in the way you are used to.

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Sahsanu, you are the man…again…
I changed the username and voila…i guess i was getting mixed up as when i actually log into mail.kooltel.com, i only need the username…i forgot about the nuances of smtp relay.

I like Hestia but i think i am going try a separate install of roundcube, and i believe then i could use smtp relay with the roundcube server…

You have been a tremendous help,thanks again.

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