Obtaining Letsencrypt SSL fails when proxy template set to nodejs3000

As title says. I can get the certificate when proxy template is set to ‘default’, but fails when set to ‘nodejs3000’. Certbot fails as well.

please provide a minimal stack of informations, we’re bad at guessing.

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Apologies, here’s my setup:

Web template: Apache2
Backend template: php-fpm
Proxy template: nodejs3000.
Now the proxy template I installed I found on this board: NodeJS & Python Web, Script - #2 by Raphael

I’ve got Enable SSL for this domain and Use Let's Encrypt to obtain SSL certificate checked. This setup works for all domains/subdomains apart from the ones using nodejs3000 proxy template.
If I set the proxy template to nodejs3000, the SSL certification fails. However, if I set it to default, I can get the certificate. When I then set the template to nodejs3000, it all works as expected, until the certbot tries to renew the certificate, which fails. Please let me know if this is enough info. Cheers!

You should add the include directive pointing to nginx.conf_* and nginx.ssl.conf_* to your templates.

For nodejs3000.tpl template add:

include %home%/%user%/conf/web/%domain%/nginx.conf_*;

For nodejs3000.stpl template add:

include %home%/%user%/conf/web/%domain%/nginx.ssl.conf_*;

Once done, rebuild your web domain (replace YourUser and YourDomain with the actual data):

v-rebuild-web-domain YourUser YourDomain

Try to issue a certificate.

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Thanks, @sahsanu, this seemed to have worked! (Will need to see if certbot is happy about it in a month or so :slight_smile: ).

Not sure if this has been asked before, but is it a lot of work to make the nodejs template a part of Hestia package? This seems like a really useful feature!


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Great, you are welcome.

Are you using certbot instead of the client included in Hestia?

By default, next renewal time will be in 60 days.

I don’t think it would be a lot of work but the “problem” is that someone should be able to maintain it. Maybe you could ask the creator of nodejs3000 to add it to Hestia.

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Ah, I am indeed using the client included in Hestia!


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