Odoo Quick Install App

Clarification for Hestia Custom Install on Debian 10 - #3 by David-Spring talks about there being an Odoo Quick Install App.

Has this been deprecated - or do I need to do something to get this added to my Hestia install?

Haven’t seen an PR about it …

Odoo isnt a lightweight at all - its strongly suggested to install it on separated server/instance.

I am inclined to agree - that was my follow-up question. We are a QuickBooks shop, we are planning to deploy it in 2024 using Cloudpepper unless we identify a better solution.

I agree. I was just looking at a list back then. I have never used Odoo.

Good day.
I don’t think hestia+odoo have any kind of problem.

A VPS with at least 6GB ram is recommended

Feel free to write one …

But I don’t think there is enough usage for it…

I want to cooperate in the implementation of Hestia+odoo

I have been using Odoo for many years and Hestia seems like a good CP to integrate.

I already use others like Webmin, but there are things that Hestia is superior

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Hestia + odoo nginx :grinning:

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HestiaCP + 2 odoo instances

  1. odoo -p 8069 nginx = mydomain.com

2 odoo -p 80XX
ngnix = sub.mydomain.com

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