Off server proxy configurations

Its great to be able to map ports 80 and 443 directly to a HestiaCP server and handle all the setup from its UI.

However when you need to use the same IP for other web applications that aren’t hosted on the Hestia server, you usually end up having to set up a second downstream reverse proxy.

It would be great if HestiaCP had an option just to map a domain name (with all the SSL features) but let it point to an ‘Off Server’ resource.

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do you want to configure nginx as reverse proxy for other remote servers or are you asking about dns setup to avoid having an addition proxy?

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I guess it could mean all of the above. I know you can do the DNS part from the GUI. Its just the NGINX part you would have to configure in config files.

It would be great if you could set up an off server web site via the Hestia GUI.

It would just be useful when you have a NAT setup, and have 80 and 443 forwarded to the Hestia box


this actually could be useful in a multitude of things, not just externally.
just have an option to give the proxy-pass destination and maybe an open text box to dump in additional settings as needed.

apart from proxying off server resources as OP suggested, with this also other things running in a docker container or comparable on the same machine could be passed through without custom configs…


I had suggested this before. Like a checkbox (custom proxy) and then option to set ip and port in proxy pass. I know we can edit templates and hard-wire it but many things proxy on the default template perfectly and so would save time

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There is already and open feature request for it.