Offering hosting for customers with Hestia

hello guys, i am kinda struggling figuring out how to properly set up hestia for my customer to host their website and have their developers login into the corresponding account for them to work it out. Pretty much offering hosting for customers, what is the best practice? thanks

You can setup Hestia User for each website or each customer and give them the login. This login can be used to

  1. Manage HestiaCP WebUI + file Manager
  2. sFTP to login into the file system, site roots, configs, etc.
  3. Enable Shell (bash) if you want to give them terminal access limited to their accounts only.

If you need something more, please mention here in detail so we can suggest other ways.

Means you give them full access to the system. Also the chroot is not working any more

pls read my reply properly, if you don’t give sudo permissions how will they have ‘full access’ ?

The don’t have full access but allowing them would give read access to certain folder in Hestia, Logs files, And many more. If I don’t know who access via SSH I really need to know who it is otherwise the can create system that could this that can give you issues…

If we want an full “closed” down service we need to look into “rush” or similar implementation

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How about this?

We already know the way to properly provide a jailed ssh session (rush), but currently do not have enough time for a implementation, at least yet.

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That’s why I am suggesting easier methods.

Easier != secure, the solution is clear, it doesnt matter if we implement rush or abneasier solution, the amount of testing will be the same, development will take maybe a bit longer. It is just to find enough time for the whole process, somewhere you need to start and finish it.

thank you guys. all clear.

Hestia is great if you and family want to host something.

But, currently, I think its better not to use hestia for hosting unknown customers.

This is because, hestia does not perform ftp bandwidth accounting(yet).

For example, if you allot a customer 50gb bandwidth and if he starts sharing a file of 1gb size thru ftp, you have no way of knowing how much bandwidth he is using as hestia does not keep track of ftp bandwidth use!

Your entire server bandwidth may be finished in hours/days.

A bit hard to write, not for professional hosting just because of the not counted ftp bandwith ;).

Hestia can be used for sure as hosting infra in professional environment, that’s basicly what a lot of us devs are doing, and the reason why hestia lives.

Personaly, I won’t use any bandwith limited services and I also don’t think I would have customers, that ship around gb’s of data daily over ftp. If you plan to do mass and cheap hosting, you probaly need to monitor the server anyway better - for example implement a daily and/or monthly bandwith alarm over all. There are also some service provider like hetzner, which are providing such a service for their root server.

tl;tr: Hestia is usable and is used for professional hosting :slight_smile:.

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Sorry if I seemed rude.

I’m a big fan of hestia and greatly appreciate you guys work.

My only point was, if op is thinking of using hestia as an alternative to cpanel/DirectAdmin for mass shared hosting, he may face this issue.

I use hestia to host my web development clients. I do not grant ssh or panel access.

I would love to expand my business with that feature but I am willing to wait until the team fixes the chroot and the file manager.

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