OhMyForm on HestiaCP

Hi guys,

Am trying to venture out of my comfort zone and divert away from the regular PHP-Apache-MariaDB combi. I’m trying to work with OhMyForm opensource form script. It uses a docker image.

Reading off the get go, i understand that i need to get a little better on these few following things:
-Web templates

However because this is my maiden voyage into the said subjects above. Appreciate any pro-tips or suggestions of what i may be myopic about. I am deathly afraid of breaking my HCP vanilla install.

HCP clueless noob,

MongoDB is not supported by Hestia is self you will be able to install it how ever currently you can’t control it.

Nginx / Webtemplates should be no issue there are 100 examples on the forum

Docker See webtemplates should be no issue

Just a thought but as Oh My Forms have a docker image can i ask why you need a control panel at all?

Personally i have a seperate server for my docker stuff, and is as simple as Minimal Ubuntu set up firewall - Install Docker - Install portainer to manage dockers from WebUI.

Install your required dockers (you can do seperate DB instances if its not using inbuilt DB) then install Linuxserver/Swag as your reverse proxy. If you have a domain name already create all your sub domains and boom Swag will get your certs

Swag is ace and handles all your Lets Encrypt certs, does the proxying for you, has fail2ban built in and integrates with Authelia if you want 2fa before accessing a page.

I may of got your intentions wrong but if it can all be done in docker then why add another layer?


I understand the reasons why containers are used, but yes, it doesn’t really seem to feel right using them on hestia. It seems to add extra complexity and layers, to my old-fashioned brain. :slight_smile:
Interesting to hear about Swag. I hadn’t come across that before. Will add it to my toolbox.

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