Opencart/prestashop quick install ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

I have tried setting up 2x domains and fresh installs of both via the quick install. They both have the same issue. I tried switching off Enable automatic HTTPS redirection as per some old threads but made no difference. I also renamed the htaccess file to htaccess.bkup and that stopped it, but then I had site not found.

You don’t need to turn off your automatic HTTPS redirection. You do need to disable the insecure Flexible setting in your Cloudflare.

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Hi @linkp I did try with automatic HTTPS redirection off as stated and I’m not using cloudflare. hestia is my DNS server. It looks like my issue could be with the htaccess file?

You will need to work your server logs to track down where you are adding the unwanted redirection. You may need to increase logging verbosity.