OpenLiteSpeed Implementation - HestiaCp vs CyberPanel

Hello everyone,

Congrats developers for this great panel, all for free.
I am searching for options to use opelitepeed which is a free version of LiteSpeed because I think there is the best solution for wordpress( using LSCACHE).
I found a free panel that uses it (CyberPanel).
Firstly I was excited about that, even I havent tried yet, and I thinked once to move from Heastia To Cyberpanel (just for using OpenLiteSpeed), but after some research i found a lot of bad reviews about CyberPanel, so I think HeastiCP is a safe option. However it will great if you guys can implement OpenLiteSpeed into Heastia.

I don’t know if it’s possible, just a suggestion.
Thanks! Cheers :slight_smile:

Hestia will not Implement Openlightspeed!

Ok, got it! Sorry for disturbing!

Please use the forum search first, will save us all a lot of time :slight_smile:.