Optimize wordpress on hestia

Hi guys,

How can I optimize websites in wordpress on hestia?

To explain me better, are there any best practices to consider on the server side only for wordpress use?

Many thanks in advance

Sorry, I found these articles online

  1. Optimization | WordPress.org

  2. WordPress Optimization/Server Optimization « WordPress Codex

In your opinion, is that enough or is there something else? Thanks

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Hello Chris, I faced your problem some time ago.

Although I don’t know if I got the best solution, I am going to share my thoughts.

For compatibility with plugins consider installing nginx + apache + fpm otherwise you will be fine only with nginx and fpm

I tried apache mod pagespeed and the results were not fully satisfying so unless you want to spend +30 hours tweaking you will be better off not using it.

What I have tried is the theme neve by theme isle.

And the plugin perfmatters.

With both correctly implemented I have a pagespeed insights score of 98 in mobile without CDN or cache

Thank you very much Guerrero, I’ll do some tests on it :slight_smile:

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