Other company SSL for mail?

I have a question/suggestion.
When we create mail domain in hestiacp we have an option to set SSL (letsencrypt) for that domain and it’s work great.
But if I want to install other company SSL in that mail domain I only get option to install one certificate for webmail not for mail.
Means if I create mail domain for “mydomain.com” it will create mail.mydomain.com & webmail.mydomain.com.
And the insert ssl option of “cert, pvt key, ca” is only for “webmail.mydomain.com” not for “mail.mydomain.com” to get SSL for both letsencrypt is only option, manually we can’t put SSL for both mail domain (mail & webmail) if there is an option to install other company ssl for both mail domain instead of only one (webmail) it will greate no?
So is there any way we can get SSL (not letsencrypt) for both mail domain? If yes then how & if not the I request this suggestion plz.
And this freture is gonna unique because I didn’t find this option in other web control panel too.

You can change the webmail alias to mail if you want:

Other option when you create the csr when you request a ssl certificate you can request multiple aliases…

It might be more expense then the 9 dollar certificate …

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Well this is not what i meant to ask. Slightly I am not able to explain what I meant to say, but it’s ok somehow sir your suggestion also is work for me too. So thanks for your guidence and give your time.
Anyway it’s not that major/important topic to give too much attention. Still thanks sir again.

Depending on your SSL provider:

Other option would be a wild ssl . But that is even more expensive

We currently don’t have an option to allow for 2 certificates for

  1. Fo mail.domain.com
  2. webmail.domain.com
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Ok wildcard is good for me then, actually a company give me wildcard ssl for my business because we have business ties with that company. Thanks sir.

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