Outlook errror: TLS error on connection from... Error in the push function

Hello, can’t send letters to the outlook, security fails:

TLS error on connection from mail-eopbgr70117.outbound.protection.outlook.com … (send): Error in the push function.

Full Exim log record:

What could i do about it? Thanks


As far as i understand Outlook protection is trying to connect to my servers, but getting problem with the TLS?

I am sure this affects more of you guys, check exim’s mainlog, if any of your emails go to outlook protected services.

Seems like not only Exchange has problems,

Many records are there, like:

2020-12-09 13:32:44 TLS error on connection from send.ida-marketing.com [] (recv): The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.
2020-12-09 13:32:44 TLS error on connection from send.ida-marketing.com [] (send): The specified session has been invalidated for some reason.

My SSL for mail.domain.lt is valid Let’s encrypt. So it must be configuration issue, where system does not provide correct Cert when outlook is trying to check it.

this matters its been problem for many years if you google it.
i am not sure the best solution
but now, after i installing hestia the next step is setup and smtp relay
email thingy’s been pain in the head for me past several days…hahaha…

Hey man, thanks for replay,

Yeah, i found some having same problem, i always try to solve my problems first.
After renewing certs and messing with everything i decided to write there, thinking theres something specific with the hestiacp.

Do you have any tips for me?

hey buddy

as i mention I am not sure that i have the best solution.
for me at this moment just setup smtp relay is the best solution :grin:
hope its fit to you too.

free smtp relay:
sendinblue - can upto 300 email perday with 40 email per hour
mailjet - up to 200 email perday, for paid also quite cheap for 30K email per month choose the basic price fit for newsletter


Could i get any input from developer?

Issue isn’t related to Hestia it self. @jtdoank is right. An alternative option would be using Amazon SES or Sparkpost.

I found one interesting piece of information here: https://blog.krogloth.de/exim-mail-server-with-microsoft-office-365-and-tls-errors/

It is saying that disabling StartTLS in exim.conf for outlook.com domains. I haven’t tried it. If you do try it, please let us know how it goes.


Trying it , thanks!