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I would like to know if it is mandatory to configure a DNS Cluster for an own nameserver to work?
I am configuring a server with hestiacp, I have already done all the domain process in godaddy creating the nameserver and pointing the ns1,ns2 to the IP and changing the DNS to the nss, I configured the DNS zone as child-ns but it doesn’t work, I have already waited 72h and it doesn’t work.

No it is not mandatory.

You may have both DNS servers configured at domain registrar pointing to the same IP

ns1.domain.com →
ns2.domain.com →

However this is not compliant with the standard.

Have a look here:

Hi, thanks for the interaction.

I followed exactly you post and see thread about, but it doesn’t work.
I haven’t edited anything, iam using default BIND config provided by Hestia setup script
I also followed the official vesta tutorial (Vesta Control Panel — Documentation)


DNS records

BIND status

It is blurred to prevent unnecessary spreading but the settings are checked and as I said I waited more than 72h, I checked the dns propagation on https://dnschecker.org/ but it doesn’t work. I can’t understand.
That’s why the main question was if a dns cluster or a different IP is mandatory to work.


After a few months of not understanding the problem I finally found what it the problem was!

My VPS has a firewall with GAME protection in OVH and was active in the account of the server manager. by default the GAME firewall is active in OVH blocking any UDP request on port 53, precisely the port that is needed for the DNS to work. deactivating this or activating this port in the GAME firewall of OVH in moments the DNS worked and started to be available globally.


Thank you for sharing.

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