Park new domain on existing domain

Is there a way to point a new domain i.e. to

I will appreciate any solutions that are available to solve this issue…

Edit the web domain and add to the alias list.


Dear ScIT thank you so much for the swift response.
If you can please be more specific as to what to do after I add the domain name as our CMS installed is WordPress Multisite and we have several other domain names in the alias list.
In other words after we add it how to we specifically connect it to the right domain.
Also the alias list has reached its Limit and is longer saving domain names (currently 67). I will probably have to delete one to add this one. (any suggestion also how to solve this issue?)

Thanking you in advance,

Michael Livadiotis

Dear Michael,

You should read the wpml part regarding the domains assigned to each of the languages.

  1. Set the alias in hestia.
  2. Configure domains in wpml
  3. reset permalinks

Dear jlquerrero,
Thank you for the below reply. However the website we have is only in English and we are trying to connect (or park) second domain name.
For example now we have that is live and would like to connect also so both domains resolve to the same website. We do not have WPML installed and the above website with another 30 other websites are under one WordPress installation using Multisite.

I hope the above makes sense.

Sorry it was a mental lapse. You can also use the redirect function instead of the alias.

Dear jlquerrero,
Thanks for your reply, but as I am newbie with the Hestia CP where is the redirect function?
I appreciate your help.

Best Regards,