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Hi, All!
Please, consider a small help.
Last week, a external HD that was using in my job, broke, and I missed a lot of informations.
It was terrible, in spite do backups.
As part of those informations, it were the e-mail and password of one server that I have, with Hestia CP control panel.
The backup of the file, with this information it was not updated.
I can access the server structure, via WinSCP tool.
I considered, to do download of all sites, format the HD and install Hestia CP again, but the sites copy, would delay a lot of time to be donwloaded, and I would need to backup the MySql of all sites to restore at the new server too.
I tryed to login, using my main e-mails, but no password was accepted.
I confess, I don’t know, if the server had one of these e-mails, because I didn’t receive the restart e-mail sent in any of them.
I tryed to find the file with access login, at hestia path, and I found, but even I comenting one or other file, I could not access the server to change my password, and to see if there is one e-mail account there, to a new necessity in the future.
A understand the risk of this information, because a hacker could use it to access the server, but the only diferential that I have in my hands is the access via WinSCP.
So, my doubt is…
Is it possible, I access the server pannel with any way?
Commenting some file, editing some kind of database file, and after access the pannel?

Thank you in advanced.


Contact your server provider to generate a new root password for you or an ssh session.

Anyone with physical access to the server can recover access booting from a different unit such as DVD or USB and loading a recovery tool that would allow the admin to restore the root password.

If anyone with winscp access could hack their way to control the server, I would not use hestiaCP.

Mr. Jose and all,

Thank you for your kind help.
I belive that appeared another problem, maybe I did some thing wrong trying to recover the access to the control pannel, and now the sites are nothing working too.
I will backup verify the most important informations, will update the backups and after I will ask a new root password to the support team, and later I will run the restore tool.
Thank you again, and best wishes.


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