Password problem for my wpadmin

i ve installed wordpress through hestia all hassle free. and i ve been using my wpadmin page without a problem. after i forgot my wp admin password, i went through the phpadmin and changed password through it: made sure it was md5 double checked all the instrucions but no avail.
i ve tried changing through wp cli on ubuntu terminal but icannot find wordpress database since i ve used hestiacp.
can someone help me out on how to change the password of my wpadmin. i m locked out of the site… thanks in advance

i have tried
1- forgot my password- send the mail : didnt get the mail
2-changing through phpadmin : changed password doesnt work
3- disabled plugings, themes through hestiacp. no avail…

I assume you can ‘cd’ into the directory where the wp-config.php is located and use:

wp user update USERNAME --user_pass=“NEW_PASS

Or, register a new user (with a pass you know) and copy-paste that value in the password field of the admin-user, login and change it.


BTW, inside that wp-config.php is of course also the information stored on which database is used for that site.


i ve access to wp-config.php. i found all related info. i ve tried adding a new user over phpmyadmin. no avail… i will try to do a clean install of the web page… thanks for the help

Use WP cli to re create password

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i did. it didnt work either:(

ok. i think i found the culprit. disabled all plugins and after that i managed to create a new user. and change password for current admin. but the new problem is, i cannot change anything with my admin: somehow all the permissions got scr-wd… everywhere i clikc on dashboard : access denied…
if any one have any idea . will really really appreciate…

You mean that your WordPress doesn’t let you write to the database? Or doesn’t let you upload files? Or…

Or is it the file manager?

heres the current wordpress admin page…

sorry, since i m new user, cant add 2 photos on one message. had to split it to two

ok. note for the future newbies like me…
my site got hacked. so the reason i cannot access and made changes to my dashboard was hacking… so be careful what pluging you use…
thanks everyone
iwill try to solve this problem now :))

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