Password Recipe Customization

I just updated to version 1.3.2 and now there are requirements set when creating accounts for password recipe requirements. Is there a way to customize the recipe requirements?

Currently not no, we want to rework the email notification function at some part but havent found time for it yet. You could overwrite the part in the hestia files, but it will be resetted/overwritten during a upgrade.

Please suggest a way “Strength” for adjusting passwords.

For any password min 8 charactars is fine for me. Maybe we should consider making it adjustable?

For DB password I really don’t care any more with the proposal for SSO for phpmyadmin. Unless you you local ran software is not capable saving passwords there is no need to remember any password. (Except for during install)

Only for email we might need to consider the relaxing for password “guide”

Feel free to give us any suggestion.