Paypal donation failed

Huge thanks for this beautiful project.

The 1.4.2 release was a big leap, I would like to donate and i’ll try to do it in regular basis, I encourage all Hestia users should do the same for the continuity of this project. If Hestia get stucked, we are all doomed. This is the only way I can do right now to show much appreciation to the developers.

But when I follow this donation link on github

It failed as the following. I successfully donated before, but I forgot what link I clicked. I think Paypal users need to know what Hestia paypal email addres for donation. What is it? Please also regenerate donation link so it is free from this hassle.

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The link is still the same and hasnt been changed:

It can be due to restriction from paypal itself.

Some countries doesn’t allow donations via PayPal including Singapore.

Transfer money to info at should work fine

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It goes to info @ succesfully!

Thank you guys


thanks for your contribution, much appreciated!

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